Radar and rocket systems

The overhaul of radar and rocket systems has been the main activity of the company for almost 60 years, which makes us one of the oldest and most competent institutions of this kind in the world.

Great experience in the repair, modernization and maintenance of radar-rocket systems and missiles, with adequate personnel, equipment and working spaces, guarantee a successful and high-quality overhaul by which the funds have to be brought to a completely correct state. The correctness of the funds is checked by a strict control of the executed works in the company, and then by handing over the device to the customer with verification of correctness through the Check-test sheets during probation or shooting, in agreement with the orderer. We are  equipped for  overhauling all kinds of radar and rocket systems of older and medium-sized technological generations, as well  the repair of these devices in the  premises of the customer.

Based on the adopted technologies, “Kosmos” a.d. has great possibilities in the field of overhaul of electronic means regardless of the technological generation and country of origin. Some of the systems that we have successfully overhauled so far and for which we have overhaul documentation and dedicated overhaul equipment are:

Repair of radar systems:

  • Radar series P (P-12, P-14, P-15, P-18, P-19, P-30, P-35, PRV-9B, PRV-11 and PRV-13)
  • Radar system S-600
  • Marine radars MR-104, MR-103, MR-302, Harpun and others

Repair of rocket systems:

  • Control-testers MK-100A, DK-150E, DK-150RE
  • Systems for guiding marine missile

Training of operators for the use, maintenance and overhaul of radar-rocket systems.

Modernization of the radar systems.

Raketni sistem Pečora Brodski radarsko raketni sistemi

Radar P-30 Raketno-radarski sistem KUB