Mechanical engineering

Mechanical sector provides a quality machining parts and the production of mechanical position and metal structures using a variety of standard techniques and modern technologies in mechanical engineering:

  • CNC plasma cutting
  • Cutting on hydraulic press
  • Turning, milling, grinding, drilling,
  • Bending at press,
  • Welding of various constructions,
  • Baking positions from bakelite.

We perform high-quality production of metal structures:

  • Lattice construction,
  • Pallets for automotive industry,
  • Various metal structures on customer request.

In the area of development of metal structures, all works are performed  by the adopted technologies in accordance with the applicable technical regulations and standards. After details of construction works, are performed all required control measurements. We perform the final treatment by sandblasting and painting in the thermal chamber.

Paleta za autoindustriju Segment-dio autopalete

Obrada metala zavarivanjem Paleta za motore vozila

Farbara farbanje metalnih konstrukcija

Thermal chambers for painting metal products, parts and structures

Transport paleta

Loading and transporting the pallets for the car industry to the customer from the European Union