Power and distribution transformers

We perform overhaul and repair of power transformers up to 10 MVA voltage 10-35 KV.

The overhaul includes:

  • Defect inspection in the presence of a user and making the report.
  • Design, production and installation of new low voltage and high voltage windings.
  • Modifications of the voltage and current characteristics of the transformer according the wishes user.
  • Production and installation of other equipment (voltage regulators, the ringsfor clamping..) from high-quality insulating materials.
  • Production and installation of conservationists, as well the replacement of all spare parts.
  • Filtering, drying and vacuuming the transformators oilto dielectric penetrability than 220kV / cm.
  • Filling off the new, and with filtered transformer oilin needed quantitieswith the issuance of the certificates.

We perform servicing and overhaul of freight voltage regulator.

We perform repairs and service of various transformers for special purposes such as:

  • Transformers for voltage and current regulation
  • Metal melting furnace transformers
  • Transformers in AC/DC stations
  • Dry transformers with voltage up to 10 kV
  • Electromagnets, coils and AC transformers

Energetski distributivni transformatori Distributivni energetski transformator

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