Electrical rotating machines

Our section for power engineering performs a complete overhaul of the following electrical devices:

  • Asynchronous and synchronous engines
  • Generators
  • Generators of high frequency
  • Commutator engines
  • Motors of unidirectional electrical current
  • Electric welding apparatus
  • Rotating devices for electric welding
  • Traction motor
  • Frequency converter

Rewinding of electric engines and other apparatus is performed by means of electric conductors of appropriate isolation class and wide range of isolation materials. Therefore, the company enables a fast, effective and high quality repair and overhaul of rotating machines.

Operations which performed in the section for rotary machines are the windings and repairing the electric motors, and that by follows:

  • Disassembly and ascertaining mistakes in the presence of a party, with the making of the record,
  • Recording and making the necessary documentation for repairs,
  • Impregnation, refresh, drying of the correct windings,
  • Coiling and forming of windings, rotor motors and stator and their assembly,
  • Varnishing and drying of the windings in the dryers,
  • Repair and replacement of electromotor brush and brush holder,
  • Replacement of bearing with the cleaning and washing of other parts and staining of external surfaces,
  • Balancing of rotor up to 2 kg. weight,
  • Testing in laboratory and issuance of appropriate attestation.