Distributive substations

During the reconstruction and construction of the new transformer station, the company is performing the following works:

  • Making projects
  • Delivery of new dry and oil transformers
  • Delivery of medium-voltage plant
  • Low Voltage Delivery
  • Delivery of Reactive Power Compensation Fields
  • Delivery of anti-fire equipment and protective equipment
  • Final tests and measurements
  • The project of the condition
  • Testing

In addition to these solutions, we are capable to offer you complete solutions, according turnkey systems, for controlling and managing maxigraphs, as well as performing electrical installations in commercial, residential, industrial or specialty objects.

Highvoltage and low -voltage equipment in substation

In the energy section we carry out repair, servicing and overhaul of all types of high voltage and low voltage switches, disconnectors as well as capacitive reactive power supply facilities as well as other equipment of substations 10 / 0.4kV and 35 / x kV.

We are building new condenser plants with the latest generations of condensate batteries from the well-known German company ELECTRONIC GMBH, and at the customer’s request we also incorporate batteries from other manufacturers. We also performing the repair, repair and expansion of existing capacitor plants in the field with our specialized team.

We are obliged to carry out regular annual service of TS-10kV, 20kV transformer transformer field, high voltage and low voltage main transformer switches of existing capacitor plants and test of protection with the issuance of appropriate technical reports and atesta with measurement results.